Eloqute Acquire perfect pronunciation by reading whatever you like

Eloqute is a new way to master English pronunciation, based on established educational theory, and unique innovations in speech processing. Eloqute assesses continuous speech in real time, and delivers prioritised advice, every time you practise. For over a hundred years, language learning products have focused on getting learners to mimic short phrases, which is not an effective way to assess pronunciation, or a good way to practise. Not only is it ineffective, but motivation soon runs out.

Eloqute solves these problems, by allowing you to read anything you choose, whether reading something recommended by a teacher, the morning news, or even a speech, you’ve written yourself. Your time is never wasted testing you on skills you already have, or reading something irrelevant to your life. Eloqute will spot your bad habits, and prioritise the ones with the biggest impact, achieving real results in the shortest possible time.